Birdwatching Gear by HECS®

Is birdwatching a hobby of yours? If so, then you can benefit from HECS® wildlife clothing. HECS® patented technology is built on the faraday cage idea, which is an enclosure made of a conductive mesh material that blocks electrical waves by channeling the electricity throughout the mesh. That means our clothing's sole purpose is to prevent birds and other animals from detecting your presence. It uses a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid specifically created to block your electrical energy radiation.

Our birdwatching camouflage and wildlife photography gear can help you experience a more natural outdoors. The fabric we use to make our camouflage clothing is strong as well as breathable and flexible, so you won't feel bogged down while you are exploring the outdoors. In addition, all our garments are machine washable.

Interact with Nature Like Never Before

Our birdwatching camo allows you to connect with the outdoors like never before because we specialize in making outerwear that blocks electromagnetic fields (EMF) & electrical signals. Our advanced camo helps outdoor enthusiasts control their electrical emissions in order to get closer to the birds they're observing. You can observe them acting naturally without interrupting their harmonious environment or intimidating them. When you wear HECS® birdwatching gear, its technology allows you to minimize any stress you may put on animals and the effect it can have on their habitat.

Get Your Own HECS® Gear Today!

The concept of blocking EMR as it relates to humans and animals is revolutionary. Given the extraordinary adventures that photographers, researchers and animal handlers like you have had, we know wearing HECS® will alter the way you see birds and mammals and the way that they observe you!

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Camouflage A Unique Approach to Nature

The perfect outdoor clothing for hunters is available through HECS. Our camo clothing is designed with our patented technology and will provide a unique experience when hunting. The outdoor clothing by HECS is relaxed, flexible and extremely practical when you're in the great outdoors. The cloth we've created gives you mobility, and you won't feel restricted because of its lightweight design. Lots of outdoor lovers have come to know the advantages of HECS clothing.

HECS's camouflage clothing satisfies all the specifications you would need for satisfaction and functionality. However, the HECS difference is our innovative technology. Our hunting apparel is made with a unique material. The fabric material has an electromagnetic grid woven into the base cloth. Our clothing for hunters is made to block the electrical energy field that our bodies naturally put out.

Living things give off a determinable electrical energy signal. If your heart is beating and your muscles are moving, you are producing an electrical energy field that animals are capable of detecting. HECS's clothing is the only ground-breaking technology available that blocks your energy and averts animals from perceiving you.

HECS clothing utilizes a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid exclusively made to prevent your electrical energy field from being recognized. At HECS, this kind of technology is interlaced into our cloth and lets you get closer to wildlife.

You won't be invisible to wildlife. Your scent, the noise you make and your motions will still be identifiable. However, by directly stopping the body's natural electrical output with HECS's electromagnetic technology makes the wearer appear more like an inanimate object. This means you can get an intimate, more natural and enjoyable experience when you're outdoors. Our hunting clothing is ideal for any sportsman.

This combination of technology and fabric is what makes HECS electromagnetic outdoor apparel some of the most exclusive clothing available.

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